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   Black Lives Matter Too, And We Are Gonna Hold The Powerful Accountable:    Equal Justice Under Law”  is chiseled in Stone on the front of the U.S. Supreme Court building. All men are created equal is one of the most important doctrines that our founders espoused. It means that no one is above the law. Kings are not above the law, groups are not above the law, no individual is above the law but there is “equal justice under law.”   http://agentgenius.com/g-rants-insanity-more/equal-justice-under-law/




 My fight began on June 17, 1992, the day they arrested Virginia and continue till this day. After 25 years, I am not discouraged…even stars fall sometimes, but the difference is I can get right back up there and start shining again… and I know I will…


Virginia and George High spent over 7 years in federal prison (94-2001), after being Framed, Wrongly Convicted, The victims of Prosecutorial misconduct and of a judicial lynching, because they would not "cut-a-deal". After which the U.S.A. stole 1.2 + million from the Highs, gave it to a white snitch (see below) and caused the High Family to lose 4 businesses and 4 + million in assets, "in 1992 $$$".    http://georgehigh.com/



8/31/09 Criminal Complaint (scroll up)   http://georgehigh.com/email%20and%20letters/Crim.%20Com.%208-31-09.pdf


sent to these folks   http://georgehigh.com/email%20and%20letters/Criminal%20Complaint%208-31-09.pdf


The U. S. Attorney: “Hand Delivered” To: Sally Quillian Yates office 8/01/2014   http://georgehigh.com/email%20and%20letters/The%20United%20States%20Attorney%208-1-2014.pdf


Let me remind all of you folks named in the Criminal Complaint (particularly the F.B.I. & D.O.J.) that there is no statute of limitation on murder, being framed, or wrongfully Convicted, so governed yourselves accordingly.








 "There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice ...." United States vs Jannottie, 673 F.2d 578, 614 (3rd Cir. 1982)


“Resistance to tyranny,” said Thomas Jefferson, Americans third president "Is Obedience to God." Jefferson uttered those immortal words at the peak of the American struggle against British Colonialism. Implicit in those words is the legitimacy of resistance to all forms of tyranny. Because George and Virginia High have been subjected to unjust conviction, false imprisonment, overt acts of racism and far too much abuse and persecution, there is a natural tendency for us to resist.




U.S. District Judge, Robert L. Vining, Jr. 

Below is some of the various filings by myself and Virginia since 1993 and I reference them on pages 231-237, in my book. these are some large files and may take a minute or two to open

Virginia & George High's (P.S.I.) Presentence Investigation Report    http://georgehigh.com/All%20Legal/Virginia%20%26%20George%20PSI.pdf

All of the following information is taken from the Pre Sentencing Investigation Report (PSI) prepared by The U.S. Probation Officer, Thomas E. Thurman. Virginia Highs PSI was prepared on December 8, 1993. George Highs PSI was prepared on December 15, 1993    http://georgehigh.com/All%20Legal/Virginia%20%26%20George%20PSI.pdf

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C.%20Docket%20%20all%20Defendants.pdf    District Court Docket for all Defendants

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C.%20Docket%20VH..pdf    District Ct. Docket for Virginia C. High, # 92-CR-182-5

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C.%20Docket%20%20%20GH.pdf    District Ct. Docket for George High, # 92-CR-182-4

http://georgehigh.com/All%20Legal/Arrest%20Warrant%20V.H.%20%206-17-92.pdf    On June 17,1992, Salinski arrested Mrs. High at our office after getting an unjust arrest Warrant from U.S. Magistrate Judge John R. Strother, Jr..

http://georgehigh.com/All%20Legal/INDICTMENT%2012-10-92.pdf    On December 10,1992, George and Virginia C. High were jointly indicted in a thirty-nine (39) count second superseding indictment along with Thirteen other defendants.

On July 27, 992 that same U.S. Magistrate Judge John R. Strother, Jr. issued a Unconstitutional Search Warrant to Bill Salinski after a fraudulent affidavit to search our home and office.   http://georgehigh.com/All%20Legal/SEARCH%20WARRANT.pdf

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C.%20Bill--Jmgt.%20Acq.%20%20Oct.%2015%2C%201993%20%23.pdf    Motion for Judgement of Acquittal October 15, 1993

http://georgehigh.com/All%20Legal/Judgement%20&%20Conviction%20G.H.%20%201-25-94.pdf    Judgment and Conviction January 25, 1994

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C.%20Jgmt.%20Acq.%20New%20Trial%20Nov.%2017%2C%201994-2.pdf    Motion for Judgement of Acquittal denied November 17, 1994


CRIMINAL DOCKET # 1:92-cr-00182, including All 15 Defendants, their Attorneys,
Assigned to Judge Robert L. Vining Jr., Referred to: Mag. John E. Dougherty.

Virginia High, New Trial-Release on Bail-New Evidance July 28, 1997
http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C.%202255%20G.V.%20%20%20sept.%2015,%201997.pdf    George and Virginia High, Motion under 28 USC 2255, September 15, 1997

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/Disqualify%20Judge%20%20Sept.%2024,%201997.pdf    George High, Motion to Disqualify Judge, September 24, 1997

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/DC.%20%20VA%20mot.%20bond%20time%20credit%20%201-11-98.pdf    Virginia High, Motion For Bond Time Credit Jan. 1, 1998


District Court denied George Highs Motion under 28 USC 2255 Sept. 30, 1997

D.C. denied Virginia Highs motion under 28 USC 2255 Feb. 26, 1998

George and Virginia High:: Motion for New Trial-Release on Bail-Newly- Discovered Evidence Dec. 17, 1998
http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/Mot.%20Apt.%20Counsel%20%20Dec.%2031,%201998.pdf    George and Virgia High: Motion for Appointment of Counsel Dec. 31, 1998

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C.%20Order%20new%20evi.%20app.%20Cons.%20Jan.%2015,%201999.pdf Dist. Ct. Denied the Highs Motion-Newly Discoveres Evidence and Appointment of Counsel Jan. 15, 1999

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C.%20--V.C.%20%20Frev.%20Apl.%20%20%20March%208%2C%201999.pdf    Dist. Ct. Deny Virginia Highs Motion to proceed in forma pauperis March 8, 1999

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/G.H%20&%20V.H.%20civil%20%20Suit%20%20BM%20&%20MA%20%206-22-99.pdf   Civil Rights Action against Bill Morrison and Michael Abbott, June 22, 1999

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/DC.ORD.GV.%20Bill.Mic.%207-30-99.pdf Dist Ct.   Denied the Highs Civil Rights action against Bill Morrison and Michael Abbott, Claiming falsely that the claim was a Bivens Action requiring review under Title 28 U.S.C. 1915A July 30, 1999

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C.%20%20Order%20GV%20%20Bill%20%20ALT.AMD.%209-24-99.pdf    District Ct. Denied the Highs Motion to Alter or Amend a Judgment, Sept. 24, 1999

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/G.H.%20Bill%20Morrison%20Friv.%20App.%20%20Nov.%205%2C%201999.pdf   Dist Ct. Deny the Highs Application to proceed in forma pauperis against Bill Morrison and Michael Abbott, November 5, 1999

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/G.H%20&%20V.H.%20civil%20%20Suit%20%20B.B.%205-11-99.pdf   The Highs files Bivens Civil Action against Barbara Brown, and 20+ others May 11, 1999

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/DC.Order%20BB.civ.%206-19-99.pdf   District Ct. Denied the Highs Bivins Civil Action against Barbara Brown et al., Defendants, July 19, 1999


District Ct. Denied the Highs Motion to Alter or Amend a Judgment, Sept. 14, 1999
http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C.%20Friv.%20no%20Form%20Pau.%20BB%2012-8-99.pdf   Dist. Ctr. Deny the Highs Application to proceed in forma pauperis against Barbara Brown (FBI) and others, December 8, 1999

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C.%20Order--Spec.%20%20Asmt%20%20Sept.%2017%2C%202001.pdf   As per appellate Court, District Ct. Remamded Virginia High Special Assessment on Count 13 (dismissed) Sept. 17, 2001

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/PETITION%20writ%20E.C.N.%20%20May%2022%2C%2002.pdf   George and Virginia High File PETITION FOR ERROR CORAM NOBIS May 22, 2002

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/motion%20to%20disqualify%20judge%206-24-02.pdf   George and Virginia High file Motion to Disqualify Judge Vining, June 24, 2002

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C.%20Error%20Coram%20Nobis%20Deni.%20July%2016%2C%202002.pd%20f   Dist. Ct. Denied the Highs Motion for Writ of Error Coram Nobis, Motion for Appointment of Counsel and Motion to Disqualify Judge July 16, 2002

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/JURISDICTIONAL%20ERRORS%20%20C.N.%2012-17-03.pdf   George and Virginia High: files 2nd Writ of Error Coram Nobis, based on Jurisdictional Errors, December 17, 2003

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/Respond%20to%20pet.%20%20Dec%2022%2C%202003.pdf   Government response to the Highs Petition for Writ for Error Coram Nobis, December 22, 2003

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/PETITIONER%27S%20REPLY%20C.N.%20%201-02-04.pdf   George and Virginia High responde to the governments reply to their Petition for Wtit of Error Coram Nobis, January 2, 2004

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/motion%20to%20disqualify%20judge%201-2-04%20%23.pdf   The Highs file Motion to Disqualify Judge Vining January 2, 2004

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/motion%20to%20disqualify%20judge%201-2-04%20%23.pdf   Dist. Ct. Denied the Highs Motion for Writ of Error Coram Nobis and Motion to Disqualify Judge Vining. March 4, 2004

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C.%20%20Not.%20of%20Appl.%20%20March%2012%2C2004.pdf   George and Virginia High files Notice of Appeal from the District Courts denial of their Motion for Writ of Error Coram Nobis and their Motion for Judge to Disqualify himself. March 12, 2004

http://georgehigh.com/District%20Court/D.C%20%20Super.%20Rlse.%20Term.%20%20Aug.%2030%2C%202004.pdf   Judge Vining terminated George and Virginia Highs Supervised Release, under pressure from the Probation dept. and Allen Moye, August 3, 2004




Lynching - Lynching is the illegal execution of an accused person by a mob. The term lynching probably derived from the name Charles Lynch (1736-96), a justice of the peace who administered rough justice in Virginia. Lynching was originally a system of punishment used by whites against African American slaves. However, whites who protested against this were also in danger of being lynched. On 7th November, 1837, Elijah Parish Lovejoy, the editor of the Alton Observer, was killed by a white mob after he had published articles criticizing lynching and advocating the abolition of slavery.


After the establishment of the Ku Klux Klan in 1867 the number of lynching of African American increased dramatically. The main objective of the KKK was to maintain white supremacy in the South, which they felt was under threat after their defeat in the Civil War. It has been estimated that between 1880 and 1920, an average of two African Americans a week were lynched in the United States. http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/USAlynching.htm






 “Equal Justice Under Law” is chiseled in Stone on the front of the U.S. Supreme Court building. All men are created equal is one of the most important doctrines that our founders espoused. It means that no one is above the law. Kings are not above the law, groups are not above the law, no individual is above the law but there is “equal justice under law.”   http://agentgenius.com/g-rants-insanity-more/equal-justice-under-law/ 




Final Exit for  George W. High, Sr.   W/Specific instruction   http://georgehigh.com/email%20and%20letters/Final%20Exit%20George.pdf


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